You have not missed your chance for success

You have not missed your chance for success

Career anxiety hits all of us at some point in our lives, and questions like "Am I doing enough?", "Am I lagging behind other people my age?", and "Why have I not achieved more success?" are normal.

A study suggests we don’t need to worry: 90 percent of working adults will experience a “hot streak” in their careers, and these streaks don’t have a time limit; they occur at different points for different people.

So if you haven’t hit your hot streak yet, don’t panic; the odds are in your favor for yours to hit later in your career, and it's likely not because you haven’t been working hard enough.

Until your hot streak hits, here's some advice for dealing with the anxiety while you’re waiting (and working):

  1. Don’t give up. A sense of optimism and hopefulness, as well as faith in your work, can propel you forward towards success.
  2. Identify and accept your anxiety. Figuring out which part of your career is prompting your anxiety is crucial for taking steps to dealing with it.
  3. Set goals. Once you’ve identified which part of your work-life is leading to your anxiety, you are in a position to set goals that address the concern.
  4. Treat your anxiety. Breathing, relaxing and meditating can help calm anxiety, and like exercise, can provide you with immediate relief.

Take care of yourself as you are working towards your career and know that there is hope.

Inspired by: Thrive Global - Stop Worrying That You’ve Missed Your Chance at Success — Science Says You Probably Haven’t, by Nora Battelle