Winning company culture

Winning company culture

The horse was the dominant form of transportation for 5,000 years, and then in one generation, everything changed with the internal combustion engine.

The point is, technological shifts don’t​ always happen incrementally, but more often, innovation occurs slowly. Much of the time, the right strategy is to improve what you've got, and then some of the time, everything changes, and correctly recognizing the differences is important.

We are inventing faster and faster, and that means that the typical business model is shorter-lived than it would have been before. Because of that, companies need flexible problem-solvers who can change with the times, and as leaders, we need to build a company culture ​for​ and ​with​ them.

So what does a winning company culture look like at a time like this when thing are constantly changing quickly? A winning company culture is when every employee feel like they own the culture. It should be grounded in your shared mission; the thing you’re trying to accomplish. And, it should be understood by everyone and built by everyone.

Inspired by: Masters of Scale - Culture Shock, with Reed Hastings, Founder & CEO of Netflix