Keep excitement high

Keep excitement high

To keep the excitement and high-morale associated with launching and growing a business, below are some important things for leaders to bear in mind to not hit a rough patch a few years in:

- Share information openly across the company and be ultra-transparent in everything you do.  

- Hire like you are a giant and stay involved in the hiring process to ensure only A-players make it into the company; never settle for anything less than stellar talent.  

- Leverage data, and make sure it's used effectively to avoid being data-rich and knowledge-poor.  

- Make small 'wins' a big deal and celebrate often.  - Hire the absolute best operations professionals; if you're a people-centric business you don't have a business without them.  

- Jacks-of-all-trades can be good, but also hire specialists to do specialized work.

Inspired by: Inc - 70 Percent of Companies Will Eventually See Unengaged Employees. Here Are 6 Ways to Prevent It, by Kate Rockwood