By now we all know that exercise is good for your mental and your physical health, and yet, incorporating exercise into our daily routines can be a struggle.

A new study asks why, and the answer points toward what’s holding us back: Picking physically active behaviors over sedentary ones requires more brain power. Whether it’s evolutionary or cultural, our brains seem to be wired to have an easier time lying on the couch than running.

Therefore, it’s crucial to have systems in place that help you keep active, even when your brain is already tired out and would love nothing else than some couch-lounging. You will reap the benefits if you force yourself to be active and you’ll find that moving around even just a little bit will leave you less stressed, in a better mood, and more energetic.

Inspired by: Thrive Global - How To Make Time For Exercise -- Even on Your Craziest Days, by Nora Battelle