Great talent is both hard to find and can be really expensive. So, how do you build a team of talented people who share the same values and passion as you? How do you compete with everyone else who can outbid you? Here are three lessons:

  1. The best employees are passionate, not necessarily experienced. Hiring candidates based solely on their experience almost always ends badly.
  2. The best employees take risks and fail often. Instead of reprimanding mistakes, encourage your team to learn from them and move on.
  3. The best leaders get out of their team's way. Your job as a leader is to let your team step up and for you to get out of their way. If you can't get out of their way, they will never step up.

Get to know your candidate's passions to ensure you hire the best. They will help your company grow.

Inspired by: Inc - This Entrepreneur Built a Multi-Million Dollar Company by Following These 3 Hiring Principles, by Robbie Abed