Academic degrees do not necessarily make a person smarter, and the most intelligent people are not always the people with the highest degrees. Below are some signs indicating you're smarter than you think you are:

  1. Other people seek you out for your advice.
  2. You enjoy solving puzzles and problems.
  3. You come up with new ideas and process improvements on your own.
  4. You learn from every new experience and apply your learning to new problems.
  5. When there's a big problem at work, you are the first person they call to solve it.
  6. You learn on the fly and by doing new things, not just by reading books.
  7. In the subject areas that you care about, you are an expert; even if you would never call yourself one.
  8. Deep inside, no matter what anybody else told you, you've always known you are smart. You've always known you had something compelling to offer the world.

Inspired by: Forbes - Ten Signs You're Smarter Than You Think, by Liz Ryan