Work motivators

Work motivators

When it comes to work, there are three big buckets of motivators: career, community, and cause.

Career is about having a job that provides autonomy, allows you to use your strengths, and promotes your learning and development.

Community is about people feeling respected, cared about, and recognized by others.

Cause is about feeling that you make a meaningful impact, identifying with the organization’s mission, and believing that it does some good in the world.

Also, contrary to the belief that Millennials are more concerned with meaning and purpose, a study found that younger people cared slightly less about cause, and slightly more about career, than older people.

When it comes to an ideal job, most of us are looking for a career, a community, and a cause. These are important motivators whether you’re 20 or 60; we’re all hoping to find a what, a who, and a why.

Inspired by:

Inspired by: Harvard Business Review - The 3 Things Employees Really Want: Career, Community, Cause, by Lori Goler, Janelle Gale, Brynn Harrington, and Adam Grant