Tough strategy questions to ask

Tough strategy questions to ask

Companies often fail to address tough questions about strategy and execution:

1) Are we really clear, as a leadership team, about how we choose to create value.

2) Are we investing in those areas.

3) Does it fit the products and services we deliver?

If your answer is yes to these and the questions in the exhibit below, you’re among the select few. Few people in companies are asking or answering these fundamental questions.

Image Credit: Harvard Business Review

So why do many leaders avoid these topics and questions? Because as humans we avoid questions that we are not sure how to answer or may feel that it’s just not the right time to be asking them, rationalizing that a strategy is already in place.

As leaders, we have a responsibility to answer these fundamental questions, even if the answers aren’t easy or immediately practical.

Inspired by: Harvard Business Review - 8 Tough Questions to Ask About Your Company’s Strategy, by Paul Leinwand and Matthias Bäumler