Think like an entrepreneur

Think like an entrepreneur

What do you call those who bravely take calculated risks in pursuit of their passions? Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are experts at making tough choices and managing change. They teach others how to take risks in their own lives.

The decision to sink your savings into a startup is an extreme example of dancing with uncertainty. But many people at some point choose between a relatively safe course and a more potentially satisfying one.

Facing such inflection points, people can think entrepreneurially without being entrepreneurs and apply that level of thinking to career decisions.

Here are a couple of tips on thinking like an entrepreneur:

  1. Get frugal fast.
  2. Changing direction often means sacrificing more than material goods, you'll also be giving up status and prestige.
  3. Build gradually, in stages, and conduct small experiments and accrue knowledge and resources as you go.
  4. Don't see failure as something to recoil from, see it as a blessing.

Inspired by: Inc - Why You Should Apply Entrepreneurial Thinking to Every Big Decision You Make, by Leigh Buchanan