Things taken for granted

Things taken for granted

Three things that are often taken for granted: Health, Time and Love:

Health: Be in the moment. It's better to be loving than to be right. Be grateful for at least one thing every day. Go out of your way to be of service to others.  

Time: Start with asking yourself and your team, "If we could only do one thing, what would it be?" Focus on doing fewer things, and do those things well. Say "no" to people who demand our time and attention, and jamming our already-busy schedules with incessant meetings that don't advance our personal or organizational mission.  

Love: It transcends professional and personal life. But we hardly ever associate love as a business principle. Manage compassionately by "walking a mile in another person's shoes". It is better to go through the world as a compassionate person, able to confront the plights of others without being crippled by their weight. And it is better to lead with compassion, not empathy.

Inspired by: Inc - LinkedIn's CEO Just Gave Some Brilliant Life Advice. Here It Is in 1 Sentence, by Marcel Schwantes