The traditional concept of a career is a myth

The traditional concept of a career is a myth

The traditional concept of a career is a myth, a belief in the outdated idea of linear progression.

When we think about a career, we imagine a path with a final destination. This concept may have been logical some time ago when career growth meant attaining incremental increases in prestige and compensation. This vision of a career no longer matches reality, and we don't need to be good at predicting the future; we have to succeed in a future that is unpredictable.

This means abandoning the idea of a traditional career and creating a new framework for personal and professional growth. Accepting that career growth may no longer be a linear trajectory, and instead unpredictable, can be a scary thing as it means that you have to be OK with not knowing what's next.

The cool thing about it though is realizing that every experience you’ve collected thus far is valuable and relevant. Every job you’ve held and every relationship you’ve forged is a key that can unlock a future opportunity to apply your knowledge in a new context. And that means new ways to learn unexpected things that will propel you towards the next challenge.

Inspired by: Harvard Business Review - How to Mentor Someone Who Doesn’t Know What Their Career Goals Should Be, by Tania Luna and Jordan Cohen