Teaching is leading

Teaching is leading

Exceptional leaders are teachers. They spend time in the trenches with employees, passing on skills, tactics, business principles, and life lessons. Teaching are informal and organic, flowing out of the tasks at hand.

When you embrace the role of teacher, you build loyalty, turbocharge your team’s development, and drive superior business performance. It doesn’t take special talent or training to teach. Simply learn what to teach, when to teach, and how to make your lessons stick.

Great leaders understand that a little bit of quality, one-on-one teaching can yield great results. As the leader, the lessons you teach can be more relevant, better-timed, and more personalized than content delivered in leadership-training programs.

Finally, teaching is not an extra thing good leader so; it’s a responsibility. If you’re not teaching, you’re not really leading.

Inspired by: Harvard Business Review - The Best Leaders Are Great Teachers, by Sydney Finkelstein