Purpose is the new currency

Purpose is the new currency

Sharing as a lifestyle will provide purpose and make you happy. Having just 10 hours ago returned from a less wealthy nation, I can attest to the sense of fulfillment achieved by giving to people in need.

Purpose achieved thru giving is also the new currency. Giving isn't about charity; it's about standing beside others to move forward with them, to form partnerships. Caring for loved ones and people we don’t even know, and the planet is, fortunately, what drives our new generation of talent.

Years ago, asking an investment bank to care about social issues would have been a joke. Today, not only investments banks but all organizations are expected to have answers to what issues they stand behind. The good news is that many of them do, including ones I'm personally engaging with daily!

So if your company is confused or unsure what's it's standing behind; it's time to figure it out if you want the next generation of talent to join your team long-term.

Today's generation of consumers have the power to choose how to spend their time consuming for companies that embrace sharing. They can much more wield their power as a consumer and show that consumption has value.

They also have the power to give more than any other generation, by finding and engaging with impactful organizations that they want to support with their talent.

Inspired by: Thrive Global - Why Giving Is So Powerful, by Alexandre Mars