Purpose is the key to motivation

Purpose is the key to motivation

It's hard to imagine how employees can perform if they don't understand your company's purpose. How can they come to work every day ready to further the business if they don't know what your company is trying to accomplish and how their jobs support those goals?

People (not just Millennials) want to work for companies whose missions and business philosophies resonate with them. When your employees understand and embrace your company's purpose, they're inspired to do great work that also delivers on your stated goals.

Yet, most companies struggle to define and live their purpose and fail to answer the questions: What is your reason for existing? What value are you giving your customers? Why is your company uniquely capable of providing it?

If you fail to answer the questions around purpose, employees will feel lost. And over time, a lack of direction saps motivation; people begin backing away from the challenges required to achieve the company's articulated goals.

Putting your company on a thriving path starts with a powerful purpose statement that achieves two objectives: clearly articulating strategic goals and motivating your employees. To ensure that your company's purpose can create strategic clarity and motivate employees, you must ask this fundamental question: Does it speak to your unique value?

The clearer you can be about what value your company creates and for whom, the higher your ability to inspire your employees. And the more you align the right talent, operating model, and financial resources to support your purpose, the better able employees will be to deliver on it.

Purpose is the key to motivation, and motivated employees are the key to realizing your purpose. Get this relationship right, and your company will thrive.

Inspired by: Harvard Business Review - Why are we here? By Sally Blount and Paul Leinwand