Know thyself to be resilient

Know thyself to be resilient

Resilience is less about bouncing back from major hardship, and more about the ability to adapt to complex change and problems constantly.

Below are four strategies that can be employed to build your resilience through deeper self-knowledge:  

1) Don't second-guess yourself to a paralyzing degree when faced with precedent-setting changes.  

2) Don't let an onslaught of significant change irritate you and cause misplaced frustration onto others.  

3) Don't accept unrealistic expectations and just pass them on; push back and offer realistic alternatives that give the organization a greater chance of success.  

4) Don't fall into auto-pilot mode to cope when you feel discouraged; it will make others lose hope and withdraw their efforts.  

Ultimately, leaders with strong self-knowledge and sustained reserves of resilience are more likely to thrive through adversity and change.

Inspired by: Harvard Business Review - The Better You Know Yourself, the More Resilient You’ll Be, by Ron Carucci