Highly effective people

Highly effective people

Studies of highly effective people point to a strong correlation between believing in a mission, enjoying the job, and performing at a high level.

Develop others towards their passion by:  

1) Adopting a servant leader’s mindset.

2) Unlocking and discover people’s passions by asking lots of questions.

3) Prioritizing work at the intersection of passion and contribution.

4) Know when it’s time to help someone move on.

"Helping others to develop toward their passions can be a rewarding part of being a leader. By adopting a servant leader’s mindset, helping others to explore, prioritizing for passion contribution, and supporting others’ careers beyond their current role, you will not have only increased engagement but also be more likely to build long-lasting relationships."

Inspired by: Harvard Business Review - How to Help Someone Discover Work That Excites Them, by Amy Jen Su