Grow from $1m - $100m

Grow from $1m - $100m

To grow your start-up from $1 million to $100 million, here are three things to focus on:

1. Be the best at what you love. No matter what you're good at, you should try to be the best.

2. Bet on a market that will get big fast. If you want to get ahead fast, funnel your pile of chips into a market that is getting big fast.

3. Hire and motivate the smartest people. No matter how smart you are, nobody has figured out how to build a $100 million company with just one employee. Hire lots of other people who are also very smart and who can work together well.

Inspired by: Inc - 3 Secrets for Growing From $1 Million to $100 Million in 3.5 Years, by Peter Cohan