Discover your best self by judging, yes really

Discover your best self by judging, yes really

What you desire, and what you do not desire, defines who you are in a unique and personal manner. When you do activities that match up with your motives, your career and life journey becomes more compelling and satisfying. And if you misjudge or ignore your motives, your progress will be dreary, or you may abandon the road altogether.

It’s essential to know in detail what puts the wind in your sails, and that’s why understanding your motives is key to finding fulfillment and success. And there’s a fun way to identify them: by observing how you judge others.

As an example; how many times over the past week have you judged someone, i.e., a colleague, a talking head, or a stranger?  You can use these unfiltered reactions to learn something about you by playing the game of judgment and using your automatic response.

There are three steps to the game of judgment:

First, become aware of the moments when you’re judging someone.

Second, identify the feelings that emerge as you judge someone.

Third, ask yourself why you are experiencing those feelings.

Keep in mind, the purpose of the game of judgment isn’t to assess the merits and deficiencies of other people. The goal is to use your responses to figure out your desires. You’re both the player and referee in the game of judgment, and only you can know for sure when you’ve traced one of your motives.

Inspired by: Ted - How can you uncover your best self? Start by judging other people — really, by Todd Rose and Ogi Ogas