Communicating your talent

Communicating your talent

In a perfect world, job interviewers would be able to gauge your talents with accuracy, but talents can be notoriously hard to judge, particularly in short-term interactions.

So if you are interested in communicating your talents to others without coming across as a show-off, here are three simple suggestions to consider:

1) Quantify your most relevant experience; people will want to be reassured that you “have done it before.”

2) Speak about your passion rather than your skills; for some reason, it is socially acceptable to be enthusiastic about your interests and passions, but not so much about your talents.

3) Focus on your potential; when it comes to judging others, we are more interested in their future than their past.

In pretty much every company and culture, recruiters and hiring managers will look for the same thing; for people who appear to actually have some talent.

Inspired by: Harvard Business Review - How to Highlight Your Talents in a Job Interview Without Showing Off, by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic