Build better self-awareness

Build better self-awareness

A study on self-awareness revealed that 95% of us think we are quite self-aware, but only about 10-15% of us are. The good news is that great teams can help with our self-awareness.

To improve our self-awareness, we need feedback to help match our internal view of ourselves with the external view. This feedback loop is one of the characterizations of high-performing teams, where peers feel accountable for each other’s success, and are willingly provide candid feedback to help each other become their best self.

If you want candid feedback, trust, and support from your team, try these five tips:

  1. Explicitly ask for personal feedback. Before offering feedback, ask for it first. And, thank others for giving you feedback.
  2. Assume others are providing feedback not to judge you but to make you better.
  3. Talk with your teammates, not about them.
  4. Care about others' success.
  5. Push your teammates to do their best work.

To build greater self-awareness, you need to create a team of people who trust you, support you, and challenge you to be your best.

Inspired by: Harvard Business Review - Build Self-Awareness with Help from Your Team, by Audrey Epstein