Branson advising Musk

Branson advising Musk

Richard Branson recently offered Elon Musk some indirect advice: Find time for yourself; find time for health and family; get more sleep; surround yourself with a fantastic team of people, and delegate.

The trick to nailing to first four pieces of advice is by doing the fifth piece of advice first; delegate.

We're all been guilty of failing to delegate enough at some point in our careers, and a lot of leaders continue to resist delegating. Either we don't want to give up control or we don't believe someone else can do it as well as we can,

But, you can't afford not to. The cost of trying to do everything yourself is more than just burnout; it can end up destroying your relationships and even your business.

Just use the method of six T's to determine what to delegate; tasks that are: Tiny, Tedious, Time-Consuming, Teachable, (stuff you're) Terrible at, and Time-Sensitive.

Look at your to-do list and ask yourself the question: "What can you and only you do? Do those things, and delegate the rest.

Inspired by: Inc - In 1 Word, Richard Branson Gave Elon Musk Some Brilliant Career Advice, by Melanie Curtin