Become a compelling speaker

Become a compelling speaker

The ability to communicate effectively can make or break a person’s assessment of your intelligence, competence, and authenticity.

Expertly employ Tumlin’s three musts for powerful and persuasive communication:

1) Be still: Avoiding erratic movements while talking, whether in a meeting or on stage, will give the impression that you are calm and in command. Research suggests that we project influence and status on people who aren’t fidgeting when speaking.

2) Be calm and prepared: It helps to do your homework before opening your mouth. Also, find your center with a breathing exercise or a few minutes of meditation to calm the inner storm. Few people go on stage for a public speaking engagement unprepared.

3) Be yourself: The goal is to be yourself minus distractions, like fidgeting or bringing high octane emotionality. Don't try and act because everybody knows when you’re trying to be someone you’re not.

Inspired by: Thrive Global - Compelling Speakers Do These 4 Things Every Single Time, by Stephanie Fairyington