Taking Swift Action Is Powerful

Taking Swift Action Is Powerful

The theory behind ‘jump first, ask questions later’ is that when your thinking ability kicks in, your fear and instinct to back down is stimulated.

Thinking about making a decision has its merits, but acting without thinking too much is powerful. Your brain is instinctively wired to kill an idea or action before you have a chance to follow through on it. The human brain is actually designed to protect you- not help you grow or evolve. Neuroscience backs up the theory. Your brains wants  you to remain stagnate and complacent. Anything outside your normal range of behavior triggers the brain to become fearful, skeptical, and even paranoid.

Point blank: despite the massive untapped potential of the brain, it is wired to hold you back, not propel you forward. For this reason, some of the most successful people in the world are quick to make a decision, jumping in headfirst, so as not to lose the window of opportunity.

When an idea or thought arises, it is essential for you to act on it in some capacity and to give it momentum in order to bring it to life. The worse thing you can do is sit down and think about making the decision. Your brain is going to sway you away from making the decision in an effort to ‘protect you.’

Act first, think later.

Inspired by: Mel Robbins - The Five Elements Of The Five Second Rule